An Oakland, California based artist and educator, I earned an MFA at Stanford University in 1998 and have been teaching art at San Francisco University High School since 2014. I'm interested in investigating my experience of the natural world through paint, ink, pencil, writing, and installations. Currently, I am working on three bodies of non-representational work. The first began 5 years ago while collaborating on a multi-media rock opera with musician, Carla Kihlstedt, "Black Inscription", where I made pen and ink drawings based on visual information that emerged from mediation related to various rivers and lakes in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The second body of work, Transparency of Stones, are paintings on paper, begun 3 years ago after a near death experience, a car wreck just south of La Pine, Oregon. The third, paintings on paper, are about breath and time cycles, started during the early days of lockdown in the Spring of 2020. I am also 27 years into a trail-running practice that has taken me to wild places like Mongolia and New Zealand. Most importantly, I'm a glad and grateful Mama of a curious, intrepid 21 year old son who studies German and Biology in Scotland.

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